Backline Talkline  http://www.yourbackline.org

Imagine Counseling: Abortion Before or After http://www.imaginecounseling.com
Information about this workbook and other resources: http://www.datingadvice.com/for-women/free-pregnancy-guides-help-make-decision


Mother to Baby Network, a national helpline and resource center on substances that can harm a pregnancy  http://mothertobaby.org/

Infertility information http://infertilityeducation.org/

March of Dimes information for healthy pregnancies marchofdimes.com

National Society of Genetic Counseling to find a genetic counselor nsgc.org

Ending a Wanted Pregnancy  http://endingawantedpregnancy.com/

Sex and Health Info for Teens http://www.teensource.org/


Child Welfare Information Gateway http://www.childwelfare.gov/adoption/

Am. Academy of Adoption Attorneys www.adoptionattorneys.org

Books relating to adoption http://www.tapestrybooks.com/


Support for young mothers http://www.girlmom.com/

Hip Mama is an online magazine about motherhood. http://www.hipmama.com/


Finding a quality abortion clinic http://abortioncarenetwork.org/considering-abortion/choosing-a-quality-clinic

Directories of Abortion Clinics

abortionclinicdirectory.com  http://www.gynpages.com, http://www.abortion.com

Emergency Contraception


http://www.getthepill.com/  and available without a prescription at pharmacies for adults.

Abortion Care Network  http://www.abortioncarenetwork.org


Faith Aloud, a clergy based reproductive justice organization http://www.faithaloud.org/

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice http://rcrc.org

Catholics for Choice http://cath4choice.org/

National Abortion Federation  http://www.prochoice.org